Resources for Schools or Groups

School grounds can be great places to install raingardens or develop a raingarden project. As well as contributing to climate adaptation, they can provide interest and activity across the year groups. In Scotland a raingarden project would fit well with Learning for Sustainability.

We have been working on a series of worksheets and activities suitable for use in schools, with community groups, in home school settings or youth clubs. These can be joined together to form part of a series, or used individually. If you would like to send us any feedback please contact us.

As with any activity, take the necessary care, especially if going near water, and always wash your hands afterwards.

Natural and Urban Water Cycles and where does the water go?

Activity sheets depicting the natural and urban water cycles with space to add labels and arrows. Teachers can adapt language to suit the needs of learners.

Investigating Water

Activities focussed on mapping, collecting samples, and analysis using the senses.

Remember to wash hands and avoid drinking what is collected!

Designing for Water

Activities focussed on experiments with different surfaces, constructing models and exploring hands on.