What can you do to help?

You can help by building raingardens!

Your community garden or allotment is an ideal space to slow down, and use rainwater, which can help reduce flooding and stop dirty water overflowing into our rivers. You may also hear raingardens being called sustainable drainage or SuDS.

Raingardens use plants, soils and the landscape to hold on to rainwater and then slowly release it. They also help reduce the amount of water which gets to the sewer. Some water is taken up by the plants, some finds its way back down into the ground, and some water will evaporate. Raingardens also help clean the water, which may have picked up contaminants from roofs and hard surfaces. Raingardens in community gardens or allotments can also act as rainwater harvesting, allowing you to use the water for growing.

It might not always by possible to do everything, but even small changes help. This website gives you some ideas, as well as sources of further information >

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